Last month, Beauty Box 5 was offering a couple of single box purchase deals. All boxes had their content revealed upfront. I bought the $5 Frenzy Box (which actually costed $10, since they charged $5 for shipping).

Beauty Box 5 Frenzy Box

I knew what the contents were, so no surprises here. Actually, the only surprise was the color of the nail polish that was included as a sample (during check out, they let you choose 3 extra samples to be added to your order). My extra samples were a h20 moisturizer, a keratin sample (I didn’t choose this, they sent because they ran out of one the samples I chose), and a nail polish in random color. Depicted above were the contents of the box + 2 of the samples (more on the third sample below).

My favorite items were the Good day moisturizer, the Not Your Mothers hair thickening spray, and the eye pads. The hand treatment seems to be nice, but I didn’t have the chance to try it yet. I thought I was going to love the Elite Therapeutics body moisturizer, but the scent is too heavy. And strong hold hair sprays are kind of useless when you use your hair down every day.

The nail polish came in dark silver, but it exploded in transit. I mean, since it was separated from the box inside a bubble wrap pocket, the explosion was contained and didn’t ruin the rest of the box. But I knew something was wrong when I sensed a strong chemical smell coming out of the closed package. The good thing is that I managed to use the (remains) of the nail polish and you can see how it looks like in the picture below:

The nail polish


Overall, I think it was a good offer. I got a chance to try some of the products featured on Beauty Box 5 without having to commit to a long term subscription (maybe I will consider subscribing in the future?). I also had the opportunity to try products from brands I never had tried before (I had never used ANY of them before, not even the “Brazilian keratin” product for hair, which I never heard about even though I lived in Brazil for 29 years!!!).


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