From this month on, I finally became an annual subscriber of Serendipity by LLB. I paid it when it was 59.95 for 6 boxes, so in a way it is still under 10 and within the scope of this blog. But now they raised the price a little bit (12.99 a box), which is still a great value considering what you get out of this box.

Serendipity September 2016

Once again, this is a very useful box, with things we’ll probably use. The box came with 3 spices (cinnamon, salt and paprika), a small jar good enough for one of the spices (the paprika managed to win this premium spot), a pair of ankle boot socks (I love the taupe color I received!), and a code to send a free print note card (not depicted). I love how they manage to put such nice things even with a low price. And I also love how serendipitous it always is – this box can feature anything, from spices to socks!

Next box is in November. Anxiously waiting for it!


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