September came with yet another “okay” box from Sephora Play! This month, I was actually more excited to get a Sephora Favorites set (the Sleep Beauty) rather than the Play! box.

Sephora Play! – September 2016

For me, this box was slightly better than August box, because it is more focused on basics. It came with a good moisturizer from Dr Jart, an interesting overnight cap from Loving proof, and a nice lipstick mini from Sephora. I really liked the color, but, unfortunately, I went to the store to buy the full size and it wasn’t available. I can buy online (with free shipping thanks to Flash), but we can’t redeem the Play! pass points when buying online…

The eye liner seems nice, but it would be more helpful if I used cat eye or something like that. And the brow gel seems ok, I still have to use more to understand it better.

I like how Play! provides videos and a lot of other material to go with the box. Some of the items are new to me, and it is nice to get to know how and when to use them. 

I’m glad I changed from Birchbox to Play!, considering the videos. Other than that, they seem very similar. 


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