In the past couple of months, I bought some mystery box or special edition boxes that costed between $10-20, and though that maybe I could say something about each of them. They were limited edition boxes that are already sold out, but maybe it would be interesting to watch for some similar deals in the future.

Luxe Pineapple Past Favorites Box (link)
The cost: $10 + shipping
What’s inside: 4 products from past Luxe Pineapple Post boxes
What I got: magnetic pallete, blush, highlighter/bronzer duo, and a necklace

Overall, this had a nice value for the price. And I like the fact that two of the items included fit the magnetic palette. I don’t use that much make up (and the necklace is not really my style), but those will be nice addition to the holiday gifts.

LaRitzy Mystery Box (link)
The cost: $15
What’s inside: at least $50 of products from past LaRitzy boxes
What I got: a lip primer/gloss/stain, a nail polish, a foundation/powder brush

The value is definitely there. My favorite item was the nail polish, but I also liked the foundation/powder brush. The lip product is nice as well, with a very usable color (at least for me).

PopSugar Must Have All-Star Mystery Box (link)
The cost: 19.95
What’s inside: At least 6 produts, $100+, from past PSMH boxes
What I got: they have a few variations of the box, and I got the “5.4 pounds” onde, with a cookbook, a headband, an eyeshadow palette, pens to write on wine glasses, honey mustard, and a candle in a jewel box

I can definitely see the value here. I liked some of the products better (particularly, the candle jewel box and the pens to write on wine glasses), and didn’t like some of the others (I hate mustard, and will probably never use the headband), but that’s the whole point of getting a mystery box — you don’t know what’s inside, and could be surprised.

Macys Sun Essentials Set (link)
The cost: $14.99
What’s inside: 9 itens geared towards summer
Differently from the previous ones, this was not a mystery box. All items were revealed and everyone got the same box.

I really liked this kit, and I’ve been using their sunscreen samples all summer long. This had quite a nice value considering that I get to try some high end brands sunscreen lotions. The extra items were nice too, including a tweezer and a perfume sample (the only “downside” is that I received a sample from the same perfume I use everyday and that itself came with a sample :P). Overall, it was one of the best acquisitions of the season.


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