In August, Target Beauty Box had the Back to College theme and brought all those practical stuff a girl would need to be back to school. I’m not young nor studying, but I thought that maybe the items would be helpful anyway.

Target Beauty Box – August 2016

The thing about subscription boxes is that you get overstocked quickly. I have so many mascaras that I don’t need to buy any for a couple of years or more. And yet this box came with another mascara…

I got this box mostly for the practical items (razors, makeup remove wipes, deodorant), but I was also interested in the Laneige sleeping mask. I couldn’t note any visible difference, but my skin felt soft in the morning.

Yet again Target sent me a dark red lipstick – that’s a big bummer. I’m never lucky with colors.

Finally, thanks to sub boxes, I don’t really need to buy shampoo and conditioner, at least until the end of the year. 

It was an ok box for me – more practical than anything else. I’ll probably not buy the next couple of boxes, at least until I’m out of some of the beauty products.


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