This week I received my first Sephora Play! box. I subscribed to Play! in order to replace Birchbox as my main monthly beauty box. 

Sephora Play! July 2016

This month, the box had two variations. I received the one for dry skin. Overall, I really liked the items in this month. The primer has a super nice touch to the skin, I really loved it. Facial cleanser is always useful. The sea salt spray is something new for me – even though I think it won’t make any difference in my straight hair. And the blotterazi seems fun. I watched thousand of videos and read instructions, but still I didn’t understand exactly why to use it — maybe it would make more sense to me if I used make up more often? I don’t get how the face can get oily in order to use a sponge to remove excess. 
I already have received the same bronzer o Birchbox a few months ago, so I just continued using my previous sample and now I have a replacement from when it runs out.

What I like about this box is the extensive content on how to use the items. Since some of them are new to me, it was nice to read the instructions provided with the box, as well as watching the video on Sephora website. Birchbox had videos, but they weren’t that basic. I like how didactic Sephora videos are.

I’m happy with my new subscription. Let’s see what August will bring đŸ™‚


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