I received my final Birchbox (at least for now) on July 2016. For my 4th and final box, I decided to go with the curated box, so at least I would know upfront what I would get.

Birchbox July 2016 – featured box

I liked some of the things better than the others, but it was overall a good box. My favorite items were the hair cream (and the shampoo / conditioner foil packets) and the eye patches. I’m not sure what the sunshine makeup oil is supposed to be used for. The mascara will be handy in the future – thanks to Birchbox, I learned that you’re supposed to throw away your mascara after 6 months top. Since I don’t use that much mascara, it is better to throw away a sample than a full sized bottle, that’s for sure.

In these 4 months I subscribed to Birchbox, I learned about a lot of products I never heard before. I had some good boxes and some “meh” boxes. Hair samples were there every month. And I was happy that in the end I was able to get some Clinique stuff and even a giraffe (!) using my points. The rewarding system was too good to be true – probably that’s why they ended up getting rid of it.

That’s it for Birchbox for me. This week I’ll be getting my first Sephora Play!, the subscription I chose to replace Birchbox. 🙂


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