It’s been a while since I received my Summer 2016 Walmart Beauty Box, but I was waiting until I had the opportunity to use some of the items before posting the review. 
I received my box in late June, in the Trendsetter version (I decided to drop off the Classic version after receveing to almost identical boxes for Spring). This box has some variations, I believe I received the third variation of it.
Walmart Beauty Box – Summer 2016 – Trendsetter version
Even though I didn’t really love this box, I didn’t hate it either. It has a good and useful combination of items. I like the Goody hair bands. The toothpaste will be useful when traveling, as well as the shampoo and conditioner. I’m not a fan of self tanners, but it is interesting to be able to try them. And the nail art is really interesting. I’m not very skillful in doing my own nails, so I would say the nail art was my favorite item this season.
Nail art in action 

Overall it was an ok box, with an impressive value considering its price ($5). The nail art itself almost covers the entire price of the box!


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