Birchbox used to be such a great deal with their reward system, but, sadly, they are saying goodbye entirely to it. After July 11, people will go to gaining 10 points per sample review to gaining nothing at all. Because of that, many people are signing out of Birchbox and moving to other subscription boxes. Sephora Play! even opened up a few spots to accommodate some Birchbox orphans. I decided to stick to one more month (July will be my last box) and already subscribed to Play! as a replacement, just in case.

Anyway, I guess I was a little disappointed with all that, and ended up forgetting to post here the review for the June box.

Birchbox June 2016

For June, I went for the sample choice (Benefit gimme brow) and let they pick the rest. I got some weird stuff that I would not normally buy, but it was nice to try anyway. And yet another Coola sunscreen, this time with 7ml instead of 5ml – almost 50% bigger, great improvement. And finally I got something that at least resembles a dry shampoo – the Oribe texturizing spray supposedly works as a dry shampoo as well. Overall, it was a “just ok” box, with nothing thrilling about it. 


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