Target has a semi-regular Beauty Box that is not exactly a subscription, but you can buy each one of them when they come out (usually, they are available here in the first Monday of each month by midnight PT). They cost around $5-10. In June, two boxes were offered: Women and Men. The Women box was $10, and the Men was $5.


Target Beauty Box – Women – June 2016

Even though this box was on the pricier side ($10), I am really glad I got it. I’m really impressed with every single sample – they all seem so useful and great. Instead of a dark red lipstick, this time I got a neutral tone lip balm. I really liked the Revitalift sample (it has a decent size – 15ml), the Laneige serum, the make up remover wipes, the tinted sunscreen (nice idea!), the shampoo, the conditioner… ok, I’m in love with this box ❤

What got me excited to try:
– Good price
– One time buy (don’t have to commit to all months)

What I liked in this month:
– Everything.
– Really.

What I didn’t like:
– How USPS managed to squeeze the box inside my mailbox in a way that I couldn’t remove it without tearing it apart. Just because it fits in the back, it doesn’t mean it will come out in the other side. Hello, USPS, there’s a door in the customer side! 😛


The art of removing the Target Beauty Box from the mailbox




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