This week, I received my second PINCHme box. This time around, the box is slightly larger, and has a total of 5 samples. They sent me the same 2 items I already received before + 3 new items.


PINCHme Box – May 2016

I’ve used Tide Pods before, so it was nice to have it back to my routine. The sample, however, is just one pod.

The item I was more interested in trying is the Mud Mask for sensitive skin. I have mixed feelings about it. While on it, my skin felt burning, terribly. But after I removed it, my skin was soft and smooth. I didn’t like the smell, but somehow it seems to work. I’m just not sure if I actually want to add one more step in my skincare routine. Any thoughts on that?

I wasn’t too excited about the other samples – 2 were repeats from April (nothing new here), and 1 is for salad dressing (olive oil > any salad dressing).

The cost: free
(Next Sample Day is on June 14!)

What got excited me to try:
– Totally free
– Samples targeted to specific demographics
– Good variety of items (from household to beauty)

What I liked this month:
– More samples
– The Tide pod (even though it is just one)
– The mud mask (mixed feelings, but at least I tried it)

What I didn’t like:
– Not two excited about salad dressing or yet more sleeping pills


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