After seeing almost all reviews say that the Serendipity box was totally worthy it, I decided to give it a try. The box costs $9.99 and is bi-monthly. You can either buy an individual box (subscriptions open and close quickly) or prepay for 1 year (6 boxes for 59.94).

As the name says, the magic behind this box is that items are a true serendipity – there isn’t exactly a theme, and they add a mix of things, from household items to beauty to food.

After receiving my first box I can join the choir of voices and say… I don’t know how they can get this much with this little price!  Every box has a value of $30+, and they ship using Priority Mail (in a glorious attempt to get everyone to receive their boxes about the same time).


Serendipity box – May 2016

This box includes nail polish, caramel popcorn, a lunch bag, two glasses of wine, and a rosemary flavored salt. All are very good items, and very useful as well. I had never seen a stemless wine glass and I really liked the idea. The nail polish is vegan and I got in a very interesting color (it is a medium pink). The little lunch bag will be very useful during the summer. This box is so nice that I will even left out the “What I didn’t like” part of the review.

I hope I can grab the 1-year subscription on July *fingers crossed*

What got me excited to try:
– The price
– The randomness of the items
– All the rumor about it
– The content of the previous boxes

What I liked in this month:
– The glasses
– The nail polish
– The bag
– The salt
– The popcorn
– The packaging (it’s not easy to send glasses through mail)
– (In sum: basically everything :P)



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