I’m not sure to what extent PINCHme count as a “subscription box”, but if it does, it gets the cheapest price a cheap subscription box can get — totally free.

The idea behind PINCHme is that you get to try samples (from beauty to household, it is really a mix of everything) that fit your demographics. On the second Tuesday of each month takes place what they call “Sample Day”. In that day, you can log in and choose among the samples that are available to you. I saw a lot of complaints on social media from people that didn’t manage to get any samples at all, but somehow it worked for me. After receiving the samples, the idea is to test them (duh!) and then answer a brief survey about the product. You should answer those surveys regularly if you want to be able to keep getting samples.

I joined PINCHme in the middle of April, after the Sample Tuesday took place, so my first box is really tiny. But I was actually happy that I could manage to get any sample at all in the middle of the month.

My next box (May 2016) is already on the way, and it will have a few more items on it.


PINCHme Box – April 2016

Yep, my box has only two items. The in-shower moisturizer is pretty interesting, but I left the shower with a feeling that I should use the regular “after shower” moisturizer anyway.

The sleeping pills I’ll be saving for next time I have a hard time falling asleep (it happens sometimes).

Both came with a $2 off coupon, so that could be helpful for those interested in buying the full version.

What got me excited to try:
– Totally free
– Samples targeted to specific demographics

What I liked in this month:
– They sent a tiny box to match the amount of samples inside it

What I didn’t like:
– Samples seem to be a little bit random


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