I decided to give it a try on Birchbox. It is in the more expensive side ($10), but there were so many positive comments that I had to see by myself. What I liked the most… was the box itself. The quality is way better than Walmart and Target boxes. The material is so nice that I will definitely be using the box for other things. The samples are tiny, mostly foil packets. I know they are supposed to be samples of more expensive products (that’s why they are small), but I’m not sure I can do an informed decision to buy something based on one use or even half an use.


Birchbox – April 2016

What got me excited to try:
– The rewards program (you can get up to $5 back a month to spend on full size products)
– The ability to try products from higher end brands
– The fact that it is supposedly customized to your taste

What I liked in this month:
– The box itself, so cute
– The hairspray (it adds volume)
– The lipstick (just wish it was in a lighter tone)

What I didn’t like:
– The size of the samples (why so tinyyy?)
– The ultra oily makeup remover wipe (yep, singular) that came with the box


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