This one got me by surprise. I didn’t know Amazon had a beauty box. The idea is that you could get if for free if you buy some qualifying items from their “luxury beauty” department (or pay $9 and get just the box, which was what I did). Most of the samples are really smalll, but, unlike Birchbox, that only sends 5 samples a month, Amazon’s box came with 15 samples. That’s a lot for the money, so much that you can almost forget that some of the samples are foil packages. The box itself is also very nice, so I’ll probably keep it for other purposes.


Amazon Luxury Beauty Box – April 2016


What got me excited to try:
– The word “luxury” on the name
– One time buy (don’t have to commit to all months)

What I liked in this month:
– The box itself
– The impressive number of samples
– Hand cream / foot cream with decent sample sizes
– The full-sized nail polish from Julep and the eyeshadow trio from Vincent Longo
– Almost everything else 😛

What I didn’t like:
– It took too long. I know that they can’t ship through air some of the products contained in the box, but it is so weird to wait more than 5 days to get a product from a website we always get everything in 2 days (with Prime)


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