When I signed up to Walmart Beauty Box, I noticed that there was an option to subscribe to either a Trendsetter or a Classic version. I further read online that the Trendsetter was aimed for people under 35 and the Classic would fit the needs for the 35+. Since they are only $5 each, and only 4 a year (one for each season), I decided to sign up to both. I was expecting to get totally different boxes, that would help me have an informed decision of which subscription to hold on to. Instead, I got two really similar boxes (2 of the items were actually exactly the same), and ended up liking 3 items of each box. So now I am kind of more split than before, and still don’t know which subscription to cancel and which one to keep. Any ideas?


Walmart Beauty Box – Classic – Spring 2016


Walmart Beauty Box – Trendsetter – Spring 2016


Also, it is important to keep in mind that those boxes ship in waves. I got both boxes from the 3rd wave. Those lucky girls on the first shipment wave will get all the fancy and great products you see on the pictures that appear earlier on Instagram and Facebook. Then there’s the second wave with less things. And then there’s the third wave, with what’s left on stock.

What got me excited to try:
– The price (it is soo cheap)
– The fact that they have one model target to my age group (under 35).

What I liked in this month:
– The full size toothpaste
– The cleansing wipes by Cetaphil
– The travel size sunscreen

What I didn’t like:
– Body wash with moisturizer
– Wet skin moisturizer???



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