Target has a semi-regular Beauty Box that is not exactly a subscription, but you can buy each one of them once in a while (they used to be seasonal, then they started to be released once in a month, and now – well, I guess we will find out in a few days, when May arrives).

These boxes usually go live on the first Monday of each month (by midnight PT), and cost around $5-10 each. The last one was $7. You can check its availability here.



Target Beauty Box – April 2016

For the April box, I saw the products, I thought they were kind of “meh”, but still stayed up late and bought it in the day it was released. Items are ok, I guess. You get what you payed for (which in this case was $7). I was looking forward to the lipstick, but the excitement vanished in the minute I saw the outside color of it. RED. Me, the girl that always use soft tones, got a DARK RED lipstick. Yes, it is a nice lipstick, but I’ll probably never use it.

What got me excited to try:
– Good price
– One time buy (don’t have to commit to all months)

What I liked in this month:
– The travel size sunscreen
– The makeup remover wipes

What I didn’t like:
– The hairspray (my hair is totally flat, and I like it that way)
– The color of the lipstick


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