Blog Tour: “Day Zero” 

Day Zero  “Day Zero”, by Kelly deVos (out on November 12th, 2019), is a YA apocalyptical story in which a politically divided nation leads to a series of hacking and bombings episodes that puts seventeen-year-old coder Jinx in a quest to protect her family. I read an advance copy provided to me via NetGalley as … Continue reading Blog Tour: “Day Zero” 

Daily Goodie Box – November 2019

I received this month’s Daily Goodie Box to review here. Here’s what I got: Hydralyte - Electrolyte Solution This is a product that is always good to have around. Not even one month ago we had “the bug” in our family, and it would have been very helpful. It is also good after exercise since … Continue reading Daily Goodie Box – November 2019